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Emanuel Kiyola (2022)
I had a great experience with Mr Sullivan’s counsel. He was able to restore hope in our family in a situation that appeared hopeless and got us the best outcome we could have hoped for. I would definitely recommend him to anyone considering his services.
Nadezhda Wrench (2021)
No words can describe how thankful I am for Mr. Sullivan’s help with the difficult situation my son was involved. Mr. Sullivan is truly go the extra mile for his client. He spent hours with us going into each detail of a case and counseling my son. He was always there for us whenever we need help or advice. Mr. Sullivan is truly amazing and very knowledgeable attorney, I am so lucky I found him. He saved my son’s future and my family. Thank you so much Mr. Sullivan for your kindness, dedication and care! I highly recommend Mr. Sullivan!
Lula Hamilton (2021)
Best Attorney ever, he has been there for me and my family whenever we needed him. He has never let us down. He is honest, professional and know the law to the fullest. Money well spent!!
Charles Green (2021)
Mr. Sullivan is the kind of attorney that you hope for when trouble finds you. This man is of a rare breed, he cares. Mr Sullivan's legal expertise is only matched by his empathy and thoughtfulness regarding his clients.
Nancy Zelaya (2021)
Mr. Sullivan is one of the most amazing persons I have ever met. He wasn't just a regular lawyer, he is more than that. He has a very caring heart. Since the day we met him he always spoke to us with honesty. He took the time to speak with my son and gave him advice. He even took the time to help me set up my son with a therapist before he had to go to court so he would have a good outcome on his case. What surprised me even more is that by a miracle of God my son's case was dismissed with no charges. After I spoke with Mr. Sullivan to let him know, he was very happy for us. Since our case did not proceed to court and the DA did not file charges, he refunded me part of what I had already paid. He really is an amazing lawyer and person. If you need help with a case, he is most certainly the best lawyer you can get.
Melissa Barker (2020)
First i want to start off by saying if you are in need of a lawyer look no further Mr. Sullivan is the man to call !!!!! From my first phone call to him til our final result he has been honest, caring, patient, and just amazing. He represented my 16 yr old brother who has mental health issues. He doesn't grasp things like the average 16yr old would. Mr. Sullivan took his time to explain everything to where he could understand. He coached him on life skills as well and was just simply amazing on the patience he had with my brother. I was told for the charge he had he would be looking at a min of 1yr in jail. Mr. Sullivan told us to just be patient and we were. He did the most amazing job and the results were beyond what i expected. I cant say enough how thankful i am to have met Mr. Sullivan and have him represent my brother. I HIGHLY recommend Mr.Sullivan!!!!!!!!!!
Kathrine Hull (2020)
James Sullivan is a life saver! I highly recommend obtaining his services if you are in need of a juvenile attorney for representation. Last year I faced my worse nightmare. My son had been arrested and charged with aggravated assault of a family member and retaliation of a peace officer.
He was facing a very serious punishment with both these felony charges. My son was treated very poorly by the juvenile system. He was basically guilty until he proved his innocence. We were extremely distraught and taken back by the entire process.
I took time to research each and every juvenile attorney in the Houston area. James Sullivan has proven time after time to be a confident, solid, successful attorney. I called him and left him a message. He called me back within the first couple of hours.
James Sullivan listened to my story and was very supportive through all of my tears of despair. My son is a well educated, extremely intelligent, very athletic young man that was about to lose everything that he had accomplished thus far. I really loved how he was accommodating to our family. He met us over the weekend, so no one had to miss school or work.
My son was a young boy that had been physically, and mentally abused by another family member. He had a breaking point and acted in self defense against a full grown man that had attacked him. James Sullivan was able to get BOTH charges dismissed. My son had the potential to lose everything, instead he will continue to flourish and grow with many opportunities ahead!
Mike Patina (2019)
Best attorney i have ever hired from start to finish Mr Sullivan had helped us out amazingly even tho we called him at the last minute on a Saturday he didnt hezitate to get us in to talk about our case we then hired him right away he went with us to juvenile court my son was charged with AGGRAVATED ROBBERY Mr Sullivan got my son out of juvenile the next day. after 4 months of reset we finalized in court with probation Mr Sullivan keeps you updated on everything that goes on returns every call i recomend Mr Sullivan to anyone that needs a really good attorney for a very reasonable cost if ever needed i wouldnt hezitate to use Mr Sullivan again thank you so much for your hard work in our case we really appreciate you Mr Sullivan.
Lesha Ranjel (2019)
Mr. Sullivan has been their twice for us and did a fantastic job. I highly recommend him, very professional, keeps you informed, tells it like it is-honest all the way. Thank you for your service.
Laura Medel (2019)
Two years ago my son, 12 years old at the time, had got into some trouble at school. It was breaking, getting a call from his school informing me that they were going to haul my child away to jail! It was one of the scariest things I ever went through. As any worried-scared parent would do, I called a lawyer and went with the first lawyer that received my call. Without researching his credentials, I went ahead and decided to have him represent my son. Giving him hundreds of dollars right away, I started having a feeling that he was only after money and not the best interest for helping my son. A few weeks later my sons Advocate assigned to him by the city asked me if I had a lawyer and I told her I did and how much money I gave him/ how much money he charged for the retainer. She was so surprised at how much he charged me and clearly he was only taking advantage because I had no clue how much lawyers typically charged...She referred me to Mr. Sullivan because she heard he was the BEST at representing juvenile cases and was well known to her and her colleagues as caring and going out of his way to fight for each case. She never meet Mr. Sullivan personally just knew of him due to his positive work in court cases. After hearing this, it was confirmation to me that I needed to look elsewhere and, gave Mr. Sullivan a call. I was hoping he would take on my son’s case.
I called Mr. Sullivan and we were on the phone for well over an hour talking about my son’s case and right away I felt like I made the best decision at hiring him. He didn’t rush me off the phone and asked questions about the incident, answered all of my questions, gave me his expertise on how he would go about handling the case, and at the end of the call I felt a weight lifted off of my shoulders... He gave me comfort in knowing he would be there genuinely to help.
Soon after Mr. Sullivan went to work right away on my son’s case, reset his court date, (something the other lawyer didn’t do), and called us in for a meeting prior to my son’s court date. I can say that working with Mr. Sullivan had been so pleasant. He showed up, on time to every court date, met with us (every time) prior to each court appearance. Never made me feel blindsided about the “what if’s” and always gave us clear advice and steps towards the entire process. I didn’t know much about how critical it was to have a GOOD lawyer on my side until I went through this, firsthand. I am so grateful to have had been pointed in the right direction in finding a lawyer like Jim. I can say that it is extremely difficult to find a good lawyer that isn’t in it for personal gain RATHER in it to HELP, to FIGHT for the rights of people and kids (like my son). I don’t usually give 5 stars when writing reviews however, this review is definitely 5 stars and nothing less. Thank you Jim, for being such an amazing person, lawyer, and doing a great job at helping cases like my sons. I appreciate you for being genuine, professional, hardworking, and most of all caring to the needs of people that come to you for help. There needs to be more lawyers like you... I honestly can’t thank you enough.
Htx Cris (2019)
Mr Sullivan helped me and my family overcome the really tough times I put myself through. Thanks to him I can start my life over again on a clean slate. I am very thankful my family hired him as my attorney.
I got in trouble for shooting a friend’s gun and was charged with deadly conduct. I am not in a gang do well in school and have a good family. I was just curious as I had never shot a gun before. I drove several streets away rolled down my window and shot into an empty yard between two houses. I didn’t know the lady that lived there seen me. She thought I was shooting at her house.
I got arrested and spent almost a month in juvenile detention before Mr Sullivan was able to get me out. Mr Sullivan told me I wasn’t guilty of deadly conduct because I wasn’t shooting at the house but it would be a hard case to win at trial. I am a Dreamer kid and was brought here as a baby. Mr Sullivan knew that and told me a felony on my record would keep me from becoming a citizen and might get me sent back to a country where I knew no one. Mr Sullivan spoke with me and my family several times about my staying out of trouble so I might one day become a citizen. I could see he really cared about me and I took what he said to heart.
Three months later we went before the judge. The prosecutor only offered felony probation. Mr Sullivan told me not to take it because I could get deported with a felony conviction. He said he would fight the case at trial before letting me sign for that. After what seemed like a long time of fighting with the prosecutor, Mr Sullivan convinced the judge to give me a chance and gave me a deferred. If I follow the rules and stay out of trouble my case will get dismissed and I can get my record sealed like it never happened. My family and I are very thankful for what Mr Sullivan did for me.
Pere Villar (2019)
We would recommend James Sullivan to anybody in need for help from a criminal attorney. Our son was involved in a very unfortunate case of terroristic threat, second degree felony. The case was particularly difficult as it happened just a couple of weeks after the shooting in Parkland, Florida, being an extremely sensitive topic back then. We first hired a different attorney, but after a month we realized that we needed somebody with a better understanding of how to handle a difficult case like ours in the juvenile criminal system. From day one James shared a very clear vision of how to find a positive outcome to our son’s case. We followed his guidance, and he was able to get a deferred probation followed by a dismissal after six months.
James has a lot of experience and knows how to handle difficult cases, no doubt. Beyond helping us with the criminal case, James also provided very valuable advice to my son and helped us as parents to handle the situation. We cannot stress enough how much we appreciate the work James did for our family!
Kim Sides (2018)
Attorney James Sullivan was an answer to my prayer. About 15 years ago my teenage daughter got into trouble for shoplifting. After asking God to help me find a good lawyer to represent my daughter, I found James Sullivan in the yellow pages. After I talked to him, I felt comfortable that he was the one to represent my daughter. His fee was reasonable and was able to get a pretrial diversion for my daughter. Her charge was dismissed after 6 months of probation.
Four years later my daughter was arrested again while she was biking from the University of Houston to her nearby apartment. The police just busted a gang stealing bicycles in the same area and some of the gang members ran away. As my daughter rode by, they thought my daughter part of the gang and stopped her to arrest her. They searched her purse and found a spoon. They claimed that her spoon tested positive for drugs and took my daughter to jail. Attorney James Sullivan represented my daughter again. He got the case dismissed after requesting the state to test the spoon for drugs. He also filed an expungement for my daughter. I’m very pleased with James Sullivan’s work.
Recently my 11 year old granddaughter was charged with terroristic threat for using careless words, “I will murder you and your family” in a moment of frustration when she was harassed by two classmates during class. This happened just a few days before the end of the school year. Our main goal was to get the charge dismissed during the summer time before school started so my granddaughter would not be suspended from school. I discussed my granddaughter’s case with 4 attorneys but only attorney James Sullivan had the confidence that he could get her case dismissed and also before school starts back. And, Attorney Sullivan did it. We only had to go to court one time, and Sullivan got the case dismissed a few days later, one month before school starts.
From my experience with attorney James Sullivan over the last 15 years, I can say that he is a talented lawyer with integrity and kindness. He took time to meet with us and explain the court process to us so we knew what to expect. I thank God for attorney James Sullivan who cares for his clients and has the experience to effectively defend his clients’ rights.
Robin O'Toole (2018)
Before even hiring him, he made us feel at ease. We had no idea what to expect and he explained what would be happening next. We did the detention hearing and then sought out help. That he was, and he made me feel a whole lot better about our son’s situation, of course as a mom we always worry about the worst. He let me know it's a process, but he works with his clients each step to help them through it. Thank you for taking the time to explain things to me and resolve some of my concerns.
Glen B (2018)
In July 2017, my then 16 year old stepson was accused of a sex crime involving a young half-sister in a different county (Fort Bend). CPS got involved and then law enforcement. Our son denied the allegations. CPS closed their file in August with no finding, but in February we received word that we had to appear in court the next week. We were shocked and unprepared.
After searching online, we decided to hire James Sullivan as our son’s attorney. Sullivan is board certified in juvenile law and has defended more than 100 juveniles and adults charged with sex crimes. He understands the complexities of these cases. We met with him on Friday of that week which left him only one business day to prepare.
My wife spoke with Mr. Sullivan over the phone and described our son’s family history. My wife divorced her first husband, the biological father, less than a year after our son was born. The biological father himself was sexually abused by his own father as a child. During custody visits, he was not allowed to leave our son in his father’s care unsupervised, but he did so anyway. Our son has no memory of being abused by his paternal grandfather, but he may have been.
When we met with Mr. Sullivan, he explained the urgency in making a decision as our son was already 17. If we fought the case at trial and won the nightmare would be over, but if we lost the consequences would be a disaster for our son’s future. At a minimum, the DA’s office would seek a determinate sentence which would lead to a public record of an adult probation or even prison sentence that could never be sealed.
Mr. Sullivan would do whatever our son wanted, but he said he could probably persuade the DA to let our son have probation until age 18 and our son would have to finish the sex offender treatment program.
After our son described what happened when he visited his half-sister and her outcry the next morning, Mr. Sullivan said the specific details, the immediate outcry and his family history made the allegations seem credible. He asked our son if he would be willing to take a polygraph test. As fortune would have it, he was able to schedule a polygraph that same afternoon.
Unfortunately, our son failed the polygraph and then came clean about what he did. We met back with Mr. Sullivan and our son said he wanted to try and get probation. We only had to go to court twice. Mr. Sullivan worked out a great deal with the DA. Our son will be on probation for less than 9 months and will have to finish the treatment program. If he does so, he will not have to register as a sex offender and will be able to get his record sealed.
Mr. Sullivan took a genuine, vested interest in our son as a person and a young man facing an incredible ordeal. We couldn’t have asked for any better representation nor do I think we would have gotten it. This wasn’t about a win in court, this was about making sure that the rest of my son’s life would not be defined by one terrible moment.
Mr. Sullivan is everything one needs a lawyer to be. His expertise is time and money well invested. If you or your family need representation, I highly recommend that you put your faith in Mr. Sullivan as my wife, son, and I did.
dena t (2018)
I want to express my sincere appreciation to Mr. Sullivan, for the care, consideration and respect he showed my family and son, he is truly an answer to our prayers. A few months ago, our 14 yr old son who is kind, funny, caring and who had never been in any trouble EVER, made a poor decision that resulted in him being arrested at school and sent to ALC for 30 days awaiting a court date. Our son heard of some other boys at his school going into the girl’s bathroom on a dare to see if they could get in and out without getting caught. Due to immaturity and curiosity our son decided he’d try it and was caught by a female student. He had his cell phone out and was accused of trying to film a girl in a stall, a serious invasion of her privacy. Our sons cell phone was taken away, searched and no recordings were found, however the officer scared our son into saying he was trying to film her. The parents of the girl pressed felony Invasive Recording charges against our son.
This was a very scary and stressful time for our family, we felt like we were in a nightmare, we were frantic to help our son. Mr. Sullivan has a great reputation working with juveniles, so we met with him. He spent over 2 hours talking to us, getting to know us and our son, asking the why’s, when’s, and how’s of my son’s actions that day. I appreciated the personal stories he had to offer and love the fact that he is a strong Christian man.
I remember his advice to our son about having a strong “moral compass”, how every decision in life is a choice and that a moral compass would guide him to make the right decisions. Mr. Sullivan explained the wisdom of learning from mistakes and staying on the right path in life, and that the wrong path can easily become a “slippery slope” of one bad decision after another leading to painful consequences and a difficult life.
Mr. Sullivan is kind, understanding and non-judgmental and gave our son some powerful words. He calmed our fears by telling us we needed to take care of our son and ourselves and he’d be working hard to get us through this with the best possible outcome. My husband and I tried hard not to worry, but our son’s future was at stake. Mr. Sullivan made us feel confident and gave us wonderful words of wisdom to help us through.
Fast forward to our court date, our son had the real possibility of being convicted of a felony, which would have hurt our son’s life. Mr. Sullivan felt strongly that our son wasn’t a bad or deviant kid but a teenage boy who is immature, didn’t think his decision through and acted impulsively.
Being in the juvenile courthouse and standing with our son in front of the judge was a very overwhelming experience and which I don’t ever want to do again. Mr. Sullivan’s argument to the judge was strong, precise and valid and resulted in an outcome that was better than we could have hoped. Our son received a pretrial diversion, an alternative to prosecution, where our son remains under our supervision with some restrictions and after 6 months results in the felony being dismissed and the opportunity to get his record sealed. Mr. Sullivan then had a very heartfelt conversation with our son explaining the importance of taking the pretrial diversion seriously and successfully completing it and also the dire consequences should he not do so.
As a parent of two great sons, I NEVER imagined that we would ever be dealing with anything like this. I want to thank Mr. Sullivan for not only defending our son in such a professional and kind manner but also how he put himself in our shoes by looking at our situation as if he were the teen in trouble and also the anxious parent! I truly believe this could have gone very bad, but thanks to this brilliant man our son has his future back!
With the deepest respect and appreciation,
Dena T.
Katherine (2018)
Mr. Jim Sullivan is a great lawyer. There are many reasons to say he is good at what he does. Mr. Sullivan not only helps you get the best result in your case but he also cares for you and your future. He will help you with your case and even so when the case is done he will still be there to help you get on the right path.
In my experience it was a juvenile case with a felony charge. Me and my mother were very worried and didn't know what to expect. My younger brother is a 15 year old and was charged with evading by motor vehicle. Some friends took him for a ride and then asked him to drive. He ended up in a high-speed chase from the cops and crashed a car that he didn’t know was stolen. My brother had a court-appointed lawyer, had been to 2 detention hearings and was not released to us. Therefore we decided to look for a lawyer and that's when we came across Mr. Sullivan. We were very nervous, didn't know if we had made the right choice, but once we spoke to Mr. Sullivan we knew God had put him in our path. His goal was not only to get my brother out but to help him with his future. We felt like he was with us all the way. He visited my brother at the detention center before his court date. He showed us he was determined and took his job seriously. We are so grateful to him. My brother is now home doing much better.
In less than two weeks Mr. Sullivan got my brother a court date, got him released and most importantly got him a 6 month deferred probation so he can later get his record sealed. Mr. Sullivan really is the best. No other lawyer could have done better in our situation. He led us to the best-case scenario we could have hoped for and again I am so grateful for his success and our decision to hire him. We highly recommend Mr. Jim Sullivan, not only does he do juvenile but he also does adult criminal cases. We have told our whole family about him. He is the best choice to call in a tough situation and his fees are very reasonable and affordable. I thank him so much. Mr. Sullivan won’t be forgotten.

Lorraine Pryor (2017)
Congratulations on a job well done. I believe I was extremely fortunate to meet and then hire you to represent my son in this serious matter. We want to thank you for caring and to put all that time and effort in his case. He could have been away from family until he turned 19. Instead with your knowledge and expertise he got 6 months deferred prosecution at home and will then be able to get his record sealed. Thank You
Ag (2017)
In May 2017 our son was arrested on our own property and charged with deadly conduct after a group of teens tried to jump him after school. Our son cannot defend himself because of serious shoulder injuries. When one of the teens tried to shove me aside to get to him, our son went in the house and got an unloaded AR-15 to scare them off. Our son should not have had access to it, but our gun safe had mistakenly been left unlocked. The police arrived at that very moment and instead of arresting the teen that put his hands on me and threatened my son's life, they arrested my son.
At the first detention hearing, a court-appointed attorney didn't spend any time with us to learn the full story and couldn't get my son released. My husband started searching for the Best Juvenile Defense Lawyers in Harris County. Well, we found the BEST when we hired Attorney Jim Sullivan. I called late in the evening after leaving the Juvenile Detention center and thought I would get an answering service but instead Jim answered the phone! He was very knowledgeable about Juvenile Law and took time to explain and also comfort me as we have never been in this situation before. After talking with Jim for an hour, we arranged to meet with him at his office. We knew from that very moment that he was God sent! He has a great story behind him as well! He genuinely cares about his clients and their future.
Jim Sullivan had told us about a deadly conduct case last year where the district court judge did not release his client, so he asked for and got a quick jury trial setting and then won that case at trial. It just so happened that our son's case was assigned to the same judge's court. At our first setting in court, Jim asked for a discretionary detention hearing. Jim told the judge that our son was innocent and that this was a trial or dismissal case. This time the judge agreed and released our son back home to us! About 6 weeks later, with Jim's hard work and dedication, the deadly conduct charge was dismissed! We are forever grateful for Mr. Sullivan!
Michala Martinez (2017)
Jim Sullivan comes highly recommended as he represented my son which is a juvenile. My son was in trouble for an assault case and stolen car. He spent time with my son and explaining him that it is understandable that juveniles do make mistakes and gave him awesome advice as our cases went on. There was true intentions behind Mr. Sullivan's advice. He was there to help, mentor and explained that it was up to my son to take his advice and not make the same mistakes. We are very thankful that we chose him to represent us and encourage any other parents that face the same situations to hire him. One of our sons’ cases were successfully dismissed and we are still working on the other one. Thank you Jim!
Joe M.
Evelyn Segovia (2017)
After some strong arming by the fire marshal’s office for my son's felony arson case, I was so nervous and looked up Jim Sullivan. I hired him based on his results, and I could not be happier that I did! He got my son's case on the next docket, after an attempt at delay from the DA. My son was home within 24 hours after his unnecessary arrest and trumped-up charges. Mr. Sullivan got to work, and on my son's next court date he was given a deferred option that will take this off his record with 6 months of supervised good behavior! Thank you, Mr. Sullivan!!
As if that was not enough, Mr. Sullivan sat down with my son and gave him some very good advice about where he should head with his future. My son is now excited to learn more about the areas he mentioned, and I appreciate Mr. Sullivan going beyond his lawyer job description and being a mentor!
Mini Sebastian (2016)
My 13 yr old son was charged in Fort bend County with resisting arrest and assault against a public servant, a police officer. I hired Jim Sullivan as his lawyer. Since we are new to Houston, we did not know any attorneys. I did a Google search and found reviews, achievements, and testimony from other lawyers about Jim Sullivan. After searching online for attorneys over several days I realized that Jim Sullivan is the best and I wanted the best for my son.
After Jim Sullivan met with us at his office for two hours, he said he would set the case for a jury trial on the first court setting unless the prosecutor dismissed the felony assault and agreed to a deferred prosecution on the misdemeanor resisting so that my son could get his cases dismissed and then get his record sealed. Jim Sullivan agreed my son did not cause the officer to get a broken finger during the arrest and the arrest itself was unlawful, however as he explained it is still illegal to resist an unlawful arrest.
Jim Sullivan then met with the prosecutor to discuss the case and to get a copy of the offense report and surveillance video. when we went to court a month later, Jim Sullivan did what he said he would do. He pressured the prosecutor to dismiss the felony and then during court hearing he persuaded the judge to give my son a deferred on the misdemeanor. For these reasons I recommend this humble and efficient lawyer to parents who wish the best for their children. He gave psychological support and good advice for my son. He told my son that he is very smart, but that he had to study harder to make better grades and especially straight A's so that he could get into a top college. On the way back home, my son told me he will call Jim Sullivan when he goes to college to inform him of his achievements. I thank God for giving me peace through attorney Jim Sullivan.
Marlyn Martinez (2016 - Jury Trial on Deadly Conduct)
In late May of 2016 my 15 year old son was arrested and taken to the juvenile detention center for a felony crime he did not commit, Deadly Conduct. After being falsely accused and wrongfully admitted to the Harris County Juvenile Detention Center, I met with and hired Mr. Sullivan. He walked us through the process and helped my family and son better understand what needed to be done. The day of the detention hearing in court, we had all of the proof and evidence to help get my son out of detention. The judge of the court was completely unjust. After refusing to consider the video evidence that proved my innocent or to even hear from my family members who were willing to supervise my son at all times if released, the judge quickly ruled to keep my innocent son detained. Mr. Sullivan was furious at the system that caused my son to be arrested and held for a crime he did not commit while at the same time the adult who actually committed the crime was only charged with a misdemeanor and spent just a few days in jail. Mr. Sullivan immediately requested a trial by jury. We were able to get a trial setting in the next 3 weeks, which was amazing considering the fact that most cases take 3-6 months or longer to get to a trial. Mr. Sullivan explained that court-appointed attorneys such as the one first appointed to my son's case never take cases to a jury trial, but instead only have bench trials where the judges make the final decision. If the court-appointed attorney had stayed on the case, my son would still be in detention and I believe he would probably have been found guilty by the judge. Instead, thanks to Mr. Sullivan my son was found innocent by a unanimous vote from the jury. Mr. Sullivan stopped at nothing to help our son and prove him innocent. My son walked out of detention just 7 weeks after his arrest with no record. Mr. Sullivan's knowledge of the criminal and juvenile justice systems helped in so many ways. Mr. Sullivan was not pushy, arrogant, or air-headed like most attorneys. Instead, he kept a down-to-earth low-profile, encouraged my son as if he were his own and won our case successfully and peacefully. Thank you so much Mr. Sullivan for helping my family and my son!
Page Moore (2016)
Mr. Sullivan represented my son twice and both times he did an excellent job. My son has bipolar disorder and ADHD and Mr. Sullivan understood how that affected my son's choices and actions. The first time he represented my son he was a juvenile. What impressed me is he spoke to my son and listened to what he had to say. He treated him with respect. The first occasion my son was given some classes and the offense was dropped from his record.
The next time we called upon Mr. Sullivan my son was now considered an adult and was being wrongfully accused by the police of evading detention. After Mr. Sullivan heard my son's side of the story, he agreed to defend him. He asked us to provide our detailed account of the situation in writing and we did. When we had our first court hearing it was evident that the DA's office was not going to dismiss the case. Mr. Sullivan told my son that if he wanted to go to trial, he would fight for him, but it was up to him. I appreciated him asking and fighting for my son!
I believe the tenacity of Mr. Sullivan and his insistence on a jury trial are what finally persuaded the DA's office to dismiss charges for my son. Not only did this happen for our son, but the 3 other young men being wrongfully accused also were dismissed. So essentially Mr. Sullivan helped them all by listening, understanding, and believing my son and then not allowing us to give up proving it to be a false accusation!
I would recommend Mr. Sullivan to anyone who is looking for an honest, understanding, and tenacious attorney!
Donovan Welsh (2016)
Best Juvenile Attorney in Houston!!!!
I wanted to say Thank you so much for what you did for our son and our family. Our son was being charged with a felony and this could have wrecked his entire life. He was doing a favor for someone he considered a friend, and for that was not thinking straight. Mr. Sullivan met with us, spoke to our son for almost 2 hours getting to know him, listening to the whole story and really caring about our son’s future. He really does understand these kids and understands how a mistake should not cost them their future. Mr. Sullivan took our case and ran with it full speed. After sitting all day in court and watching all the other lawyers and cases, we felt very confident and relaxed knowing we were in good hands. When our son’s case came up Mr. Sullivan approached the judge with the prosecutor, told his story and explained the circumstances around this mistake he made. The judge immediately ruled in our favor and our son never even had to go before the judge. For this we will be forever grateful that Mr. Sullivan believed in our son’s future, knowing he is a good kid and deserved another chance. Hands down we are confident to say Mr. Sullivan is the Best Juvenile Attorney in Houston!!